The ‘Cashflow Program’ program has been designed for small to medium sized businesses, and will benefit you and your business with better manage cashflow, help you achieve the financial results you want, show you how to take action and gain financial success and help you effectively identify trends to enable you to be proactive in your business.


What direction are you driving your business towards? Are all the stakeholders ALIGNED with this same direction? Will you guarantee that your company will definitely hit the longer term numbers and direction you are all aiming at? If NO, what is this really costing you?


In a world where more and more people are feeling unhappy or disconnected, even though we have more communication mediums than ever before, there is a way we can change this. How often have you read about or PERSONALLY felt lonely as a small to medium business owner?


Most business owners in today’s society are inundated with commitments from all areas of the business and feel very overwhelmed and stressed.   A lot of business owners write systems in formats that people do not use and hence, once created, they are stored in your drawers and never referred to again. They need to be very practical and visual documents that are integrated with your everyday operations.  This is where we can help you…


People across all undertakings use external support to increase their personal performance levels. For example, the greatest sports people have a coach (in fact, a number of specific coaches), musicians have coaches for various elements, politicians have specific advisors, religious leaders have mentors/advisors etc.

Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

This book outlines a systemised six-step process to help Mum and Dad business owners reconnect with their families while simultaneously growing their business. If you are courageous enough to face the truths about your business as revealed in this book, you can cut the time you spend growing your business in HALF and enjoy the family time and personal time you so deserve!

Your children do not care what title you have or how much money you make, all they care about is how much you love them and how special you think they are.

NOW is your time to decide what you want to do for and give to your family, so you serve them and yourself in a way that makes your heart sing and so you will hold no regrets in the future, about who you were as a parent and a partner!

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Why we are in business?
Teach it Forward and Trent Taylor believes you should have a life while building a business! We believe that business owners should go from buying a “job” to having a business that works for them and without them.  We are a company that is a stand for business owners to live a life while giving their gifts/brilliance to the world.  We believe if you are not serving you and your family first, you are wasting your time.  We believe you only have 1 life, so you may as well “do it” in the best way possible for you.

What we do in business?
We make products that give ‘you’ life freedom – financial, time and mind freedom

What we do for you?
We work with people who truly care and have had enough of ‘doing’ life the way it is right now!  These people are ready to change and want a different life now!

Who are we?
We are a team who are passionate go getters who want to make an impact!  Our mantra is as the old Midnight Oil song says “it is better to live on your feet, than die on your knees”

How we can help you?
Online programs designed for you, Business Development products, Life andBusiness Consulting, Business Management support, Leadership presentations and programs, Business Mentoring Program, Business tools that you can sell through your business.

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