Why we are in business?
Teach it Forward and Trent Taylor believes you should have a life while building a business! We believe that business owners should go from buying a “job” to having a business that works for them and without them. We are a company that is a stand for business owners to live a life while giving their gifts/brilliance to the world. We believe if you are not serving you and your family first, you are wasting your time. We believe you only have 1 life, so you may as well “do it” in the best way possible for you.

What we do in business?
We make products that give ‘you’ life freedom – financial, time and mind freedom

What we do for you?
We work with people who truly care and have had enough of ‘doing’ life the way it is right now! These people are ready to change and want a different life now!

Who are we?
We are a team who are passionate go getters who want to make an impact! Our mantra is as the old Midnight Oil song says “it is better to live on your feet, than die on your knees”

How we can help you?
Online programs designed for you, Business Development products, Life andBusiness Consulting, Business Management support, Leadership presentations and programs, Business Mentoring Program, Business tools that you can sell through your business.

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