42 questions every business owner must answer – Part 1

11 May 42 questions every business owner must answer – Part 1

Not just business questions, but life questions and soul inspiring questions …

If there was one thing I could teach you or inspire you to take on right now it would be this;

The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life!

Based on the way we were raised and educated at school, we were mostly rewarded for knowing the answers to questions asked of us. The majority of our time was placed in learning stuff so that we could regurgitate it when asked so that we looked smart, got a pat on the back and felt good. 

YET, in adult life and being a business owner, we actually get rewarded for the quality of questions we ask not just ourselves, but our team, and our clients! 

The better questions we can ask, the better solutions we can come up with! 

The better questions we ask ourselves the more of our brain and our heart we can access. 

And here is the real kicker – the better questions we ask ourselves, the more CREATIVE we can be. 

BUT, how often do we actually sit down and ask ourselves these questions or get exposure to great ones? NOT MUCH!! 

So I sat down one day on the back of my ute here on my farm overlooking the valley that truly inspires me and constructed a list of 42 questions I need to ask myself more and begin to formulate great answers to, if I am to be a satisfied, confident and successful human being in this life time. 

They really did strike me deep and are massively valuable to me. Hence I thought I would share them with you as they could be of great value to you also. 

Now be very clear that not every question will ‘blow your hair back’, yet they will definitely provoke thought in you and it is right there, where BETTER ideas come up for you in solving your challenges. 

So here are the first 3 questions (with some supportive questions or angles to help you gain clarity) you CAN ask yourself to get you looking at your business and life in a different and more inspirational way … 

1. What is the most courageous thing you have done in business in the past 12 months?

Where have you taken a decent risk that others would not have?
What have you done that you have not done before, were scared of the implications, but you did it anyway?

2. How do you have Fun in your business? (Do you have fun in your business?!)

What are 3 things you do weekly to make it happen
What are 3 things you could do monthly to increase this for your team or clients?

3. What is your favourite thing you love to do with your children and how often do you do it?

You probably have a list of 3-5 things here easily, but what is the no 1 thing?
How do your children respond in the moment when you do this?
What is there energy and confidence like after you finish this by the way?

To truly get the most out of these questions and the following ones, here is my recommendation to you;

Make a 15 – 30 min slot free in your diary a week and plant yourself somewhere where you will not be disturbed that makes you feel good when you are in this spot.

1. Turn the phone off or onto aeroplane mode so you are distraction free
2. Grab (or buy) your journal and a pen to write the answers to these questions, so you can reference them back later, and continue to add new answers as you grow
3. Make a note in your calendar to review these answers in exactly 12 months’ time, and do this!

I hope you enjoy them, have fun with it and just see how the better questions that you ask yourself start changing the way you do things in business and life!! 


PS. If you are an open-minded person, who loves to help and inspire others and understands the value in sharing, please share 1 thing you got out of these questions here Facebook page, so I can see them and support you/acknowledge you

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