42 questions every business owner must answer – Part 9

12 Jun 42 questions every business owner must answer – Part 9

Not just business questions, but life questions and soul inspiring questions …

Here are the next 3 questions or Part 9 of this Blog series especially written for you and I.

YES, I have purposely started the numbering of the questions here and not continued on from the past blog, as very few people will answer them all (let alone read them 😊😊). Also this way, you can just tackle the questions that resonate with you and your heart!

PLEASE again, lock this ABSOLUTE CRITICAL PRINCIPLE OF LIFE and BUSINESS into your heart and soul;

The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life!

Have a crack at these now …

1. If you learnt 1 thing and it would transform your leadership by 100%, what would it be specifically?

  • Where do you fall down the most or the opposite of this, where do you excel that you still have room to grow and could truly light up your business and life by growing in this area?
  • I thought long and hard doing this question and a lot of fluffy stuff initially, yet some real gold came when I got past 20 in my list of things. Something to consider for yourself, keep writing things and just let your ego go for a little while, as this is all about being MORE of your greatness, not protecting your status quo …
  • Two of my critical ones was/is listening more and asking more questions as opposed to talking FYI

2. What 3 things could your accountant do better for you that they don’t provide now or have never offered?

  • Too often business owners do not even know what their accountant truly does for them now or know what their accountant should be doing for them. Read here for a real practical list
  • They are a key part of your financial support team as an owner, so how much time have you put into thinking about this and “grilling” them with questions on how they can help you more
  • We all pay them thousands of dollars a year in fees, and my challenge to you is to get 10 times more value from your accountant in the coming 2-3 years! Why not????

3. What do you dislike most about attending live events that really tarnishes your experience?

  • This is really an important list to consider, as the difference between you now and you in 5 years are the people you meet and the books you read (Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones); so if you are not going to live events, you are more likely hindering your speed of growth
  • When you list these things, try the exercise of putting a dash next to each and find 3 solutions to overcome each one
  • Live events are often where people have the most powerful experiences, so what would 5 live events be that you should attend in the coming 5 years – not just business, but perhaps sporting events or music concerts! This is one of my favourites I look to do each year


REMEMBER, to truly get the most out of these questions and the following ones, here is my recommendation to you;

  1. Make a 15 – 30 min slot free in your diary a week and plant yourself somewhere where you will not be disturbed that makes you feel good when you are in this spot.
  2. Turn the phone off or onto aeroplane mode so you are distraction free
  3. Grab (or buy) your journal and a pen to write the answers to these questions, so you can reference back to them later, and continue to add new answers as you grow
  4. Make a note in your calendar to review these answers in exactly 12 months’ time, and do this!


I hope you enjoy them, have fun with it and just see how the better questions that you ask yourself start changing the way you do things in business and life!!


PS. If you are an open-minded person, who loves to help and inspire others and understands the value in sharing, please share 1 thing you got out of these questions here Facebook page, so I can see them and support you/acknowledge you

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