5 things I can do now as an author

14 Nov 5 things I can do now as an author

Do you have a book within you?

I have just finished writing and now publishing my very first book “Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too” which has been a “full on” experience and so worth it – even if I do not even sell ONE.

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For a lot of people writing a book is scary as they do not where to start, what to write about, want to be open to criticism or do not think what they want to write about is credible, etc

I found it to be cathartic and a gift.

I found it to be a gift because I discovered or unravelled a new level of “clarity” of my message and who I have been over the past 10 years. I had done research on how to write a book, how to structure it, how to convey messages, etc and tried to follow them, but with little success.


Because I was trying to fit my thoughts (square peg) into a structured way of writing (a round hole).

I wrote 60,000 pages in a matter of a week and then felt I was 60% of the way through my intended message.

It was going to be too big and no one was going to read it. So I took the core messages within this 60,000 and split them into 4 books which then made it easier to be succinct and clear with my writing.

I worked through a scope of the book using a 2 page template I had discovered and moulded which really helped me get CLEAR on the messages and way the book needed to flow!!

From there, bang, out came a book with great practical examples of REAL current and past clients and some real feelings I carry inside me about my past, present and future. Mix in some business pearls of wisdom I have

been taught and implemented and you have a book that I will always be proud of.

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Problem mindset: I would love to write a book but do not have the time and anything good enough to fill one

Solution strategy: I have always wanted to write my own book and NOW choose to make it a reality!

Now once you have written the book, the job has only just begun, now you need to focus on;

  • Getting an editor to get the words into shape and then messaging it right
  • Decide who will and/or how you will publish your book
  • Design book covers with images, colours, wording, etc
  • Find someone to write you a foreword, ask them permission and then have them submit it
  • Decide in what forms you will sell it
  • Ensure the formatting is correct for your different applications you intend to sell it
  • Work out what pricing you will be happy with
  • Work out how you are going to market it, etc

So as you can see there is a bit of work to do but these are the main chunks. I have managed to get to the bottom dot point above within 4 months which has been a lot of work, but certainly worth it for me.

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So if you are considering it, DO IT – for you, with a smile and in the spirit of service! These are 5 things I can now do as an author

  1. I can now always tell people while looking them dead in the eye that I am an author!
  2. I can now always give a GIFT  to anyone I meet who wants to know who I am and what I am all about – no more business cards
  3. I can always know DEEP in my heart that I CAN and will finish things 100% that are important to me
  4. I can now sign off another part of MY legacy in my mind and my journal
  5. I can now write another book as I have more confidence to do it and have so much more to share that did not fit with this specific message directly

As Lance Armstrong’s first book title said “It’s not about the bike!”, the same goes for an author “it’s not about the book”.

I feel proud, I feel clearer, I feel more confident and I feel more credible – how would you like a piece of this for yourself?

You can and so now ask yourself again “What sort of book is in me needing to get out?”

Please read the “dedication” part of my book as it is speaking to YOU right now!!!!

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Have a terrific week, spread your gold and please know that you really do not know anything UNTIL you can ‘teach it forward’


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