About Us

trentTeach it Forward was founded by Trent Taylor, who started his business mentoring career with the No. 1 business coaching franchise in the world, gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience through mentoring directly over 100 businesses and training business professionals in the US, UK, NZ and all across Australia.  After making the move from the west coast to the east coast Trent set up Teach it Forward and began working with half a dozen accountants as a BDM and then mentor, to give them the necessary principles and tools for their business.  The focus now of Teach it Forward is to partner with their accounting firm clients to create business development system kits which will enable the accountant to deliver much higher quality knowledge and support to their own client base!

Our team is committed to partnering with positive and successful professionals who are always striving to be balanced, integrated and honest.  We will work within our “7 Core Values” to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by the Teach it Forward team, will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be and have the business they want to have.

We come from an abundant mentality and believe there is enough work for everyone, so we always work in co-opetition with those who believe they are in competition with us. but aligned in the same direction to serve our core purpose.

Our products and services are of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced from within the company or externally will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective training methodologies available.

How about checking out Trent’s blog.  Life as a business owner with a younger family, CAN BE HARD and we go through so many issues and face many internal demons daily.  Let’s talk about these, bring solutions and collaborate, to solve the challenges and achieve what we want in life – peace, happiness and satisfaction, WHILE we grow our business!

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Trent is also an accomplished author.  Check out his latest book ‘Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too’. This is a book that will enable Mum and Dad business owners to have a life while growing their business.  Click here to get your copy today and click here if you would prefer the Kindle version.

Trent was profiled by Gail Lynne Goodwin from Inspire Me Today.  Click the link below to read the full profile.

Trent Taylor Profile – Inspire Me Today