Our Principles

Cashflow and Confidence

“Two most important things in business are CASHFLOW and CONFIDENCE” – these 2 parts of business need to be addressed consistently through clear plans and leadership, otherwise your business will either not get off the ground or it will not last very much longer.

Take 100% Ownership And Responsibility

Take 100% Ownership and Responsibility – which means take the time to plan, consider, resource, train, etc.  It is not the staff/team or clients fault if you do or do not make it, you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.  Listen to great athletes being interviewed, they do this in spades!!

Find out What They Want, Then Go Get It and Give It to Them

“Find out what they want, then go and get it and give it to them”.  Generalists spend a fortune generating leads, specialists do not.  Find out what your clients demographic and territory businesses need.

Practice What You Preach

“Practice what you Preach” – do not ask your staff/team/members to do something you are not doing yourself, have done yourself or in the process of doing yourself!  Be prepared to show them yours first!

Better Right than Fast

“Better right than fast” – make it more robust, sustainable and scalable.

Earn the Right from Your Client Base and Transfer the Trust

“Earn the right from your client base and transfer the trust” you already have in place – how well do you know and service your existing client base?

Quality or Quantity

2 types of coaches or lawyers or accountants, etc – “QUALITY vs QUANTITY”.  Neither right nor wrong, just different.  You need to make the choice, as depending on which side of the tracks you play, will define the way you market, run events, etc.

Deal with the Cause Not the Symptoms

“Deal with the cause, not the symptoms” – 96% of business failure is due to failure of systems.  Be constantly reviewing these, constructing these and training these (training being the most commonly under done)

Reflection, Review and Strategising Is 10 Times More Effective

“Reflection, review and strategising is 10 times more effective” and powerful than doing 100% more – 1 hour of planning saves 10 hours of work.

All About the Numbers Not the Story

“All about the numbers, not the story”.

Qualify and De-Qualify

“Qualify and De-qualify” – remember it is you that has the cookie that these businesses need.  Take pride in what you have and do not let just anyone in, they could be the bad apple in the crate that ruins the dynamics and rest of the business.

Prospects and Clients Are Not Just Numbers

“Prospects and clients are not just numbers”, they are people.  How much do you really care, (as they can smell it if you do and if you do not) or are they just another money making thing to fill your sack?

Be Follow Through Experts

“Be follow through experts” – it gives them a positive experience every time and leaves them TRUSTING you more, market to people every 90 days, look to add value by giving them something that will benefit their business every time they interact with you; 50% of marketing should be for now and 50% should be for the future!