Our Team

Trent Taylor – CEO & Founder

Trent Taylor is a global award winning business growth and leadership trainer/coach whose 2 simple rules are; 1) Be curious, and 2) be congruent (practice what you preach). He is tough on clients because they have given up on themselves at some level and one thing he will not stomach is low self-esteem and self-worth. He is also an advisor to many different businesses because he keeps it simple, talks the language of who he is talking to, keeps it fun and can see the big picture of why things are happening – quickly.

Trent has coached hundreds of businesses who are frustrated with how much time they put into the business while pulling not enough cash out and turned things around so they work less, have more time with their children and triple the cash in their business/life. He also created The Business Spine Coaching methodology which he uses himself as it has helped him live a business life where he works no more than 3 days a week, 33 weeks a year and makes a minimum of $333k of cash.

He did not have to market himself seriously for 13 years as his referral and word of mouth has provided him with more than enough business opportunities. He trained franchisees in 3 franchises to become business people as opposed to just technicians who can just deliver the product they sell. And he has advised hundreds of business owners on high performance, leadership and business groups.

At Teach it Forward we teach and empower Accountants to teach their clients, the cashflow with online and in person training sessions and tools.

Lisa Hennessey – Business Manager

Lisa joined Teach it Forward as the Business Manager in 2010.  She has over 20 years experience in various administration areas including office and team management, customer service, event management, bookkeeping and personal assistance.  Lisa’s key focus is to ensure that all logistical and administrative support is provided to the Teach it Forward team, ensuring the consistency of key delivery, marketing, finance and sales functions, the smooth day to day operation of the business and an open and consistent flow of communication within the team.

Also recently Lisa has stepped up and taken on the role of trainer, as well as her Business Manager role, and now delivers the Business Efficiency Assistant Program (BEAP) and Systems Training for firms.

Lisa is originally from New Zealand and moved to Sydney in 1999.  New opportunities arose in Queensland so her and her husband moved to the sunny Gold Coast where they are now both proud parents to their daughter.

Lisa’s family values are very much in alignment with Trent’s and Teach it Forward’s, which is why they make a formidable team, run an awesome business and have fun along the way!

Sharon Francisco – Sales Leader, Sales Coach and Marketing Leader

Sharon is a business development specialist with over two decades of experience across multiple industries.

Sharon has a passion for Business and Business Development, she’s personally worked at the intersection of sales and thought leadership supporting experts in their field to succeed for most of her working life. The ultimate optimist, she’s often told she has a positive and warm approach and a keenness to see people achieve their best.

For fun, Sharon loves to run with her buddies and has just started bicycle touring with her partner Pierre which is quickly turning into a passion. She has two gorgeous grown sons Zac and Sam and lives in sunny Brisbane with Pierre.

VA Team  

We wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do each and every day without the support our wonderful team of Virtual Assistants.

Bhavini Mehta, Shared Service Provider

Aarti Gandhi, Administration & Research Support