We completed the client survey in November 2010 and from this time it has been a constant reference point in helping us develop our business.

The survey provided the double effect of finding out what our clients wanted from us but also provided a great opportunity to let our client base know about the many services we could offer beyond traditional tax returns.

Whilst is would be difficult to put a dollar figure on the benefit of the experience some 18 months down the track I know that the exercise has paid for itself at least 10 times over through both new engagements for the existing clients and referrals to our services beyond taxation.

In working through this exercise with Teach it Forward we entered the arrangement with some fear and trepidation, unsure that we really wanted to know what our clients were thinking and even scared that this may open up some underlying scars.  Our outcome was quite the opposite – the questioning allowed for brutal client feedback which was received as intended whilst enhancing our client relationships.  The number of clients who passed comment on their appreciation that we actually valued their opinion was quite unexpected.

I would recommend that any accounting firm who is serious about improving their business away from just taxation services must undertake this client survey experience if they really want to reclaim the position of trusted advisor with their clients.

We have undertaken client surveys of different types over the past 15 years and this was without doubt the most money we spent on any survey and the greatest value for money we received from any survey by a significant margin.


Tim McCarthy
Sage Business Group

Once our business had completed the Client Survey System with Teach it Forward we are now far more aware of our client needs. While our clients acknowledged that we do a great job on the tax and accounting side of our business, they also told us they want more than just the day to day services.   As a result the focus of our business and clients needs have changed.   While we still provide and maintain high standards on our “bread & butter” products we are now developing new products to meet the needs of our clients.

Whilst we are seeing excellent return on investment it is still very early on to put a figure on it. Based on our client’s needs (from the survey results) we are now developing products that we foresee will be attractive to a much broader audience than just our clients. We don’t view the survey as a quick fix, but more part of a longer term investment in re-engineering our business from a traditional compliance firm to a business that is more sustainable & dynamic into the future.

Jeremy Lowe

“All Goals Set Have Been Achieved”

“The various workshops and the delivery style of these workshops has been greatly beneficial for me – it is as if Trent were a business partner or on the board within my business!

Fantastic value to me and my business.  Trent challenges my thinking by asking questions, prompting, adjusting and looking at other methods whilst teaching me the basic principles and fundamentals and ensuring I cover all company risk along the way.  It’s a journey!

To date, all goals set have been achieved.  I am now working with Trent to refine and impose my new learnings.  Then I will take it all to the next level!

I am secure in knowing I am investing in myself and my future, thanks to the passion and support I receive from Teach it Forward, whose ultimate objective is excelling and building people to achieve their goals in the greatest capacity.

I am looking forward to new, bigger and better projects together.”

John R. Shepherd
Managing Director
Mainswest Pty Ltd
Western Australia

“I Now Have Very Clear Objectives & Actions”

“Engaging Trent has turned out to be one of the best business decisions I have made recently.  He has helped to bring my core business into focus without compromising my personal goals.  I now have very clear objectives and actions that are all well documented from each meeting. Trent has also shared a multitude of resources that I have not only been able to apply to my business but to my clients businesses as well – this truly is Teaching it Forward.

Trent’s style is all about integrity; a word that is often quoted by mentors but seldom demonstrated to the personal level that Trent does.  I strongly recommend him.”

Mark Jenkins
New Zealand

“Increased Focus and Accountability”

“The very extensive yet practical content and systems provided by Trent, together with his forthright and easy to understand delivery style, ensure that we remain true to our goals.

I would recommend that any one requiring increased focus and accountability in their business, with a genuine level of care, should seriously consider talking to Trent Taylor and his team at Teach it Forward

Michael Osborne
Sage Business Group

“Makes You Think About The Flow Of Information”

Trent’s  systems and content are designed to make you think about the flow of informationand the “how to” comes out of the days you do together.

I am really impressed by Trent’s unique delivery style.  He builds extremely good rapport with his clients quickly and can have a joke, but his greatest strengths are that he listens and asks questions.  He then encourages implementation of things that are practical in our business and helps you move them forward in a positive way.  He really wants to bring the best out of everyone he works with.  Trent is a true champion!

Companies NEED to work with someone like Trent Taylor.”

Damien Moffrey
Baker Affleck Moffrey Pty Ltd

“Added Considerable Value to Our Business”

Teach it Forward’s content and systems have made significant improvements and added considerable value to our business – in many ways.  

We now have direction, strategy, purpose and focus, which are so important for our growth and success, in our business and ultimately in our lives.

Trent’s style has also been a positive influence on the way we conduct our business, particularly his philosophies and approach to delivering his services to us.

I highly recommend Trent and his team to any accounting firm looking to take their business to the next level, whatever that may be.”

Greg Smargiassi
Founder & Director
Our CFO Pty Ltd
Western Australia

PARTICIPANT TESTIMONIALS from workshops Trent has facilitated

“I had no expectations going into the Freedom in 18 months session with Teach it Forward but I am stoked with the outcomes.  I have learnt whole bunch of great ideas/strategies that will actually work for us”

“The Freedom in 18 months session has created trust and understanding of each other in the business and how our thought processes can mesh and extend towards our goals.”

“When completing the Freedom in 18 months session with Teach it Forward I was like a sponge.  I just wanted to learn and now I have a whole lot more information that I didn’t know and am now ready to use my knowledge in the business.”

Trent was engaging and made a difference in the learning style of our companies sales and flowcharts” – Greg S

Trent was very entertaining, kept one’s attention and is an awesome facilitator” – Jade K

Trent showed us the practical steps on how to pull everything in our business together” – Mary N

“Trent’s values that he shared with us and that he works through are terrific, they are going to go on my wall at work” – Greg S

“I love to learn from Trent as he makes me think and always gives varied suggestions on how to implement things” – Tania M

Trent has the ability to relate to everyone in the room, it doesn’t matter what position or job they have” – Sarah P

“He commands respect, is amazing and has awesome technique.  He makes you want to listen” –Tayla H

Trent was amazing and all my outcomes have been achieved.  The most important, he made me think” – Susan S

Trent has given us the skills to work on our business material for our first month which is terrific” –Tony Mc

“I went into the session wanting an “action” and after talking to Trent, I was reminded before working out the action I need to work out the “direction”.  He has also made me shift my thinking as I guess the relationship with my business has been very one-sided, with me giving everything but it is time for my business to give back to me”. – Leina B

Trent’s complimentary session really helped my clarify my message. Now when I meet a women entrepreneur client, I feel very confident that I give them a clear concise message that tells them how I can help them build their business in a fast effective way. Thanks Trent!” – Cathy Morrissey

“I am so glad to have taken the opportunity to have a session with Trent.  I feel relieved about problems I have been stressing about in my business, and now see them as possibilities for providing a better service. Trent offered me different perspectives as well as some practical strategies to implement. I am inspired to build a more authentic relationship with my clients so that we will all prosper.  Thanks so much for that valuable 30 minutes…”  Lynne Bowman – Nowra Yoga