Are you a technician manager or are you a business person with a speciality skill?

04 Jul Are you a technician manager or are you a business person with a speciality skill?

Which are you?

Most business owners start a business because they are particularly great at an individual trade or skill set. What I mean by trade or skillset is they are great electricians, great lawyers, great accountants or a great salesperson. These same people think that because they are good at the core delivery of the business they want to start, then it will be successful. At a basic level or fundamental level, is this you?

C’mon, be really honest with yourself, was that you at the beginning?

Running a business cannot be that hard right?

The answer is, it is simple to run a successful business if you have awareness of all the components or hats you need to wear as a business owner. What makes running a business hard or not easy for most, is they jump into the business being an expert in 1 or 2 departments of a business, with little to no competency in the other 7.

So here it is in a nutshell:

Problem Mindset: Lack of awareness
Solution/Strategy: Learn fast through various mediums

Two options:

Learn fast and apply (via reading, via having a mentor or coach, etc)

Hire people who do know to work in the business with you

The problem that impacts both of these solutions are:

You do not have time to learn, as you are so busy delivering
You think you know it all anyway, so living in denial
The business is making money now, so why should I

You cannot afford a coach or people to work in your business as it does not generate enough to pay you yet? Chicken or egg situation, you might say.

My suggestion to you is go the first option, learn fast and do it via a number of mediums. Reason why, the whole purpose of having a business is to:
Make you more money
Give you some time freedom
Give you ability to do something well and at your best that you have control of
Make an impact on the world

Hence it is a long term option for 95% of us, so put the learning hours in now and make it a habit, as it will pay dividends in the short and long term.

We at teach it forward say “every business needs to be sustainable, scalable and sellable” if a business owner/entrepreneur is going to be able to have the “freedom to live”.

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It will give you more clarity now!

With service and truth

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