Are you sick of everyone flogging you some form of sales and marketing products as the cure for you and your business?

23 Jul Are you sick of everyone flogging you some form of sales and marketing products as the cure for you and your business?

If people are flogging sales and marketing ONLY, they do not know business and if you do only what they say, you will kill your business!!

If you read the books of the most successful businesses and business people, they rarely talk about how amazing the sales and marketing of their business is! They talk about their:

Test and measuring
Culture of their people and;
Communication and/or relationships
BUT we as aspiring entrepreneurs and lifestyle seekers keep chasing the silver bullet by listening to these sales and marketing racqueteers! STOP IT!! There are no quick wins, there is no way out of hard work, there is no short cut – sorry!!! Because we keep doing this, we are in the 95% of business owners who struggle over time, while the 5% of business people who do the work, become successful over the short and long term!

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As one of my most respected mentors always used to say to me “Trent, it takes at least 7 years to build a REAL business – don’t ever forget that!”

Problem Mindset: Chasing quick wins through SALES and/or MARKETING products
Solution Strategy: Build your fundamentals with some marketing and sales!!!

How many people do you see put on a 1 day event or 3 day conference JUST on systems and test and measuring? NONE. No, as a society, we think we need only marketing and sales products. I have seen many times businesses use marketing and sales techniques to grow their business and they grew it to bankruptcy. The techniques worked, but the business could not handle the extra work, it let the clients down, burnt out their employees and did not have the infrastructure to truly get the benefit out of the extra attention from the market they were chasing!!

If you want a business that is sustainable, which means it can bear the weight of some heavy loads and extreme challenges; and you want your business to be scalable, which means it can deliver you more time and money as an owner; then focus on learning and implementing these things:

Planning tools (e.g. strategic plans, marketing plans, etc)
Monitoring tools (e.g. budgets, cashflows, etc)
Systems (e.g. sales flow charts with templates, scripts, how to’s)
Infrastructure elements (e.g. org charts, meeting forums, etc)
Notice I include marketing and sales as part of your business growth, in fact it is essential. BUT, without the proper infrastructure to support this work, your business will fail or will fall trap to the vagaries of a see saw – up, down, up, down! This becomes very draining and disempowering over time and you will feel burnt out over time and in the extreme cases, like a failure.

I do not want this for you and hence we provide the tools and business procedures to make your business sustainable and scalable so you can turn your job into a business. Teach it Forward will help you go from an expert technician who lets the business run them (get out of denial about this!!) and turn you into a business expert with your technical skills as a background!

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