Do you know its power?

04 Nov Do you know its power?

This is the thing that affects your outcome by 55% minimum?

When I became a coach 9 years ago I was taught a practical reality about sales that affected my results in a big way.

I was taught that the words we speak have a 7% influence on our results, our tone 38% and our body language 55%. Knowing this has lead me to have a conversion rate of 68% across in person and from stage over 9 years.

This is ok right?

So what do you need to learn to gain similar results and insight?

Check out this talk from Amy Cuddy from my favourite website in the world who explains from a scientific and a realistic perspective the influence and power of body language.

It is powerful, use it and learn it so that you can have the personal and business results you want and deserve.

Have a “powerful” week


P.S. By the way, make sure you pass this forward so you can also ‘teach it forward’ and make a difference to other’s lives!

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