Do You Remember The Movie Annie?

30 Mar Do You Remember The Movie Annie?

She taught us business owners something, are you aware of what that is????

I was just watching the movie “Annie” with my children, which was beautiful and a real blast from the past. One thing really struck me about Annie and why everyone on the movie loved her (yes, I know it is not real), but we as viewers also loved her. It was because she carried an attitude of caring and gratitude!

Remember when she was selected to be a guest of a billionaire (from a real skanky orphanage) for 1 week, she was driven there and was accepted by the copious amounts of staff. She was there for half an hour or so, had a great time and then met the billionaire. The billionaire says “I want a boy, take her back immediately” and Annie’s response is “well thank you very much for what you have already given me …”

Naturally as you know she stayed and entered the hearts of all the staff and the billionaire, through her beautiful voice, attitude and heart.

It really hit me that imagine if my children, my wife and I, my clients and my friends had an attitude like that, what difference would that make? Being grateful for the smallest of things with sincerity and care is an absolute unique approach to life and one that magnetises great people to you!!

Problem Mindset:  Current situation is not what you want
Solution Strategy: Be grateful for what you have and acknowledge it openly

What do you truly have to be grateful for in your life and business right now?

C’mon, look closely and really look for the little things!

As a business owner, these are some of the things I probably take for granted at times and do not show enough gratitude for;

  • The fact that you are in business for yourself and have a bunch more freedom than most ‘employees’ in the world
  • You have some clients who absolute love you and what you offer
  • You have the opportunity to innovate in your business and control the process 100%
  • The business (and yes your returns) can grow at the level that you can imagine and follow through with

The list could go on, but I think every single business owner/entrepreneur could relate to these 4!

So what are your 3-5 things you can be grateful for right now?

Write them down and have them up in your office or come up as a daily reminder via your phone or computer.

Email them to Lisa right now, to aid you internalising it and also to share your gratitude with a third party. You will affect the principle of karma, and watch out for the goodness that comes straight back to you which is in alignment with what you have appreciated and been openly grateful for!!!

Have an amazing week


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