Don’t wish it away, embrace it and grow with it…

21 May Don’t wish it away, embrace it and grow with it…

I have received some feedback in the past couple of weeks from avid followers of our blog saying that I have been blogging about too much technical stuff and not enough of the heart and spirit information they have come accustomed to.

So if you want hard and technical stuff, hit delete NOW and save yourself 3 minutes of your life.

If you want to read something that may just give you the perspective you need right now that brings your chaotic life back into perspective, then keep reading …

In the last 2 weeks I have had 5 different people in 5 different places in 5 different moments of time say something to the effect of;

“I wish I could just stop life for 3-4 weeks so I can catch up and breathe! “

I certainly have felt that way before MANY times and each time this has happened to me, upon reflection the same reason was the creator of this feeling. I was saying yes to everything and not enough to myself.

Which means all my priorities were out of whack and I was trying to do everything for everyone else. As opposed to doing the best things that made the biggest difference. OR, another way of saying it;

Make things SIMPLE!

You see;

There is one only 1 life you get to live
You are only young once
You are only new in a relationship once
Your children are only young once
So make the most of today, reprioritise what is on your plate tomorrow, next week and next month so that you do the most important things that make you feel happy and satisfied.

I love to finish each day knowing I got the absolute most out of the day and collapsing into bed in a heap, exhausted (as I sleep like a log and love it!)

Time is the only commodity in our life that we can never get back so cherish it, embrace it and grow with it!

Learn how to say no to lower priority things
Stay in the present and you will achieve twice as much
Do the most important things to your heart in the first 4 hours you are awake
Go to bed knowing you did all that you wanted to do and that was most important
Write down what you achieved each day in your phone or in a journal to capture your brilliance
Always remember, you can get money back but you can’t get time back.

Cherish today and give it your all


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