Got yours split out of whack?

14 May Got yours split out of whack?

Chaos in a business 99 times out of 100, means stress and loss of opportunity!

I mentioned in my last blog the model of splitting your daily, weekly and monthly planning into 3 parts – delivery to clients, team development and on the business work.

Roll this combination of YOUR focus out right and practically, and the results you will see and experience are a very efficient, lower in stress, happy and content, while having a profitable business.

Get it wrong and you have very different forms of chaos, as described below;

Too much delivery to clients – no to little systems in place to keep the business running when people are on holidays or sick, lots of cash moving through the business but not much left over for the owner, great months of the year mixed with very low ones which creates a very neutral and low cash return for the owner, etc.


Too much team development work – you get behind on the core things you need to contribute to the business which opens up cracks in other parts of the business, the team feel you are suffocating them and wants some space, you begin to push the relationships of the clients as they are not ready for such a dropping of you and all of a sudden your team, the quantity of work being done and sales in the business drops hence the cash in the business drops, etc

Too much ‘on the business’ work – will be too little cash creating work done and will struggle cash wise, lots of products being produced yet no sales or relationship building (hence lots of potential wealth, but short of cash), limited to inconsistent accountability of team hence things fall through the cracks in the business which often negatively affects your clients experience, etc.

Your parents used to always say to you “too much of a good thing is bad news” (yes, when you wanted to have the 2nd and 3rd bag of lollies) is very true in the context of your business as well!

Balance seems to be the magical and elusive place to “have” in our life, and I believe that the actual state of balance looks different in different stages of life. Yet, using the split your day or week into these 3 areas will give you the closest thing to balance you can experience as a business owner!

Let me know how you go with splitting your day and week into these 3 as I would love to hear the challenges you have with it and the successes!

Have a terrific and balanced week


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