Mentoring Program

“Grow Through Your Limits”

Business Mentoring Program

People across all undertakings use external support to increase their personal performance levels. For example, the greatest sports people have a coach (in fact, a number of specific coaches), musicians have coaches for various elements, politicians have specific advisors, religious leaders have mentors/advisors etc.

Think of Tiger Woods, Andrea Bocelli, Sir Richard Branson and this is all true for them – they all have advisors or third party support in some way shape or form!

Why is this required?

Because people are genetically driven to maximise their potential ONLY to a certain point. This is due to society and the way children are raised by their parents, the way the education systems work, the type of “worker” the government really wants and the friends we have in our circle of influence.

It always requires a third party to take us to the next level because they;

  • Educate finer distinctions of knowledge or skill
  • Give objective feedback on what is and is not happening
  • Provide specific approaches and strategies to improve their performance
  • Hold them to account to ensure what is required to be done is done (and a little bit more)
  • Ensure that their well being is always being taken care of, so they can concentrate on what they do best


We base our “Grow Through Your Limits” Business Mentoring Program from the philosophy or paradigm of;


Too often, advisors of whatever sort come into a business thinking they know everything or the best solution. We at Teach it Forward, through 8 years of experience, KNOW that you live the business every day, you understand your particular industry best and you are the ONLY person/s on the globe that know what you REALLY want !

So we do not look to come in and restructure you whole business immediately or give you short term strategies to patch holes that cover up the real issues.

We discover FIRST what you really want and ensure we articulate this in very clear and simplistic form, so you, your team, your clients and us know exactly what the business needs to GIVE YOU.

We then create the specific and PRACTICAL plans, which are documented for many reasons, so we can follow them and review/adjust as we continue on in an everyday business sense.

Hence the holistic phases we will take you through, will not only give you short term confidence and clarity but long term results;

  • Phase 1 – Complete clarity plan and strategic plan to determine exactly what you want
  • Phase 2 – Modify the infrastructure behind the scenes to ensure the results you want can ACTUALLY happen and so that you can get the info you need
  • Phase 3 – Communicating this to your team for full enrolment and roll out full strategy and innovation
  • Phase 4 – Resolve the implementation issues congruently to the model you have chosen in phase 1 by implementing systems, communication forums, marketing strategies and delivery techniques
  • Phase 5 – Refine the leadership methodology to ensure this works over a sustainable and scalable time period

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