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“Trent will inspire your attendees to look at their life, their business and their actions from a whole new perspective, one that excites them to be better! That is his speaking and training legacy …”


  • Leadership vs Management – The Power of Questions
  • What does it look like in YOUR leadership mirror?(Growing Leadership)
  • Do your team follow you or obey you? Living into the OAR way of life
  • Why do your staff/team react the way they do? (Understanding people to increase your leadership)

PARTICIPANT TESTIMONIALS of 2 day workshops Trent has facilitated

“Trent was engaging and made a difference in the learning style of our companies sales and flowcharts” –Greg S

“Trent was very entertaining, kept one’s attention and is an awesome facilitator” – Jade K

“Trent showed us the practical steps on how to pull everything in our business together” – Mary N

“Trent’s values that he shared with us and that he works through are terrific, they are going to go on my wall at work” – Greg S

“I love to learn from Trent as he makes me think and always gives varied suggestions on how to implement things” – Tania M

“Trent has the ability to relate to everyone in the room, it doesn’t matter what position or job they have” –Sarah P

“He commands respect, is amazing and has awesome technique.  He makes you want to listen” – Tayla H

“Trent was amazing and all my outcomes have been achieved.  The most important, he made me think” –Susan S

“Trent has given us the skills to work on our business material for our first month which is terrific” – Tony Mc

“Trent has been presenter of the week” – Ron A


Trent Taylor interviewed on Ben Fewtrell’s Bizwow Podcast – May 2011

Trent Taylor’s interview in the ‘Add Another Zero’ interview series – April 2011