Split your week into 3

08 May Split your week into 3

Have you ever asked yourself “how do I fit in everything I have to do into a day, a week or a month?“.

I do not think you would be running a growing business if you have not …

This is something I am constantly helping my coaching clients solve using a very simple model;


The way this model works is using the simple structure of a business and all the key stakeholders of a business.

The 3 key stakeholders of any business are the owners of the business, the team who work in the business and the

clients. Therefore, split your time between these 3 core focus points like so;

  1. 1 third of your time in delivery to your clients – as this generates the cash in the business.
  2. 1 third of your time to team development – as this generates the leverage (and quality) you desire in your business.
  3. 1 third of your time to project work or ‘on the business’ – as this generates a sustainable and scalable business.

So look at your diary or calendar and work out how much time you spend in these three areas and see if it works

out as thirds. If this is out of balance, then you will have issues which I will share in my next blog.

Some examples of activities in each category are;

  1. Delivery to clients – providing service to clients, making products you have sold, selling more products, etc
  2. Team development – team meetings, training of skills, holding team to account of what they did versus what you want them to do, performance reviews, etc
  3. On the business – building systems, planning your marketing campaigns and developing the copy, reviewing financials and updating forecasts, etc

There is a lot to do and only so much can be done in the time you have available, so you need to know what the

most important actions are in the 3 areas, then plan for them and act on them.

Have a great week in your new 3 part split week!


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