The 1% rule

13 Sep The 1% rule

What are the 1%’s you can do daily to help you win your game?

I am a mad sports lover who will watch any sport that is on, yet particularly fond of golf, cricket and the various football codes. One of the things I most love about sport is watching how people in the game handle themselves in glory, but also and mainly in defeat. I love to see the underdog win or the person (often one of the leaders in a team)who is losing get a spark of inspiration, do something miraculous and see their whole demeanour (and that of the team) change in an instant.

The question that has always comes up for me is, why was it the leader who did that and how did they know to do that and is that something he/she practices?

I read autobiography’s of leading sports people, politicians, business leaders, spiritual leaders, philanthropists, military personnel and musicians – all who have shaped this world in their own way. I do this for the same reason as watching sport, looking for the clues of what makes them different to everyone else and why have they been able to do the things they did, when they did it, to achieve what they have.

The answer to the leader in the sporting game and of all the autobiography’s I have read – they were willing and focused on doing the 1%’s!

A 1% is something small and seemingly insignificant, yet it makes such a profound difference. It may not make you money directly, it may not make you more popular, it may not directly lead to a score and it may not even be noticed by most people on the outside. Yet it is something that very few people in the “herd of humanity” are aware of, willing to do or consider not important!

In the game of AFL, it is often the desperate tackle deep in defence that drags the opposition down from kicking an open goal or the guy who smothers the opposition’s booking kick for goal or running the extra 150m to create an opportunity in the forward line that no one expected or instructed. All of these situations take vision, willingness to commit everything on the line and courage to go against the grain!

What are the 1%’s in your business? See if you can list out 7 of them.

Some examples in business could be;

  • Covering somebody in your business who did not get it right and not tell anyone
  • Calling a prospect who you could not convert with a name of someone that could help them
  • Calling that “hard” list of people 1 at a time at 1200 every day
  • Writing that system that needs to be done on Friday afternoon
  • Creating a marketing plan that makes sense and communicating it to your team
  • Reviewing your financials for 1 solid hour to find 3 distinctions you need to work on
  • Reading 30 pages of the book instead of watching the TV

Now how often in a working day or a working week do you execute these?

Now that you are aware of them, how willing are you to DISCIPLINE yourself in making sure you do these each week.

People in life who do the 1%’s win, as it is often this small thing that makes the biggest difference. As a famous jingle of a large corporate company in Australia says “From little things, big things grow!”

If you need inspiration to commit to these and do these everyday and week, just think about the difference between the prize money of first and second place in arguably the biggest horse race in the world, the Melbourne Cup.  First prize is close to $2M and second prize I believe is around $750k – wow what a difference. How much does the winner need to win by? Half a body, full body, head of a horse? No, it only needs to win by a whisker or a nostril. Hence, it is the 1% effort or extra 1% that can be mustered by the jockey and the horse at the critical moment that creates a difference of over $1M in this case.

The same will be for you in your business! It will not be the big things you are NOT doing, it is the little 1%’s that you are not doing that is prohibiting you from making that extra sale, million dollars, etc.

Think about it and have an amazing week while you do your 1% actions with focus


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