What is your “pebble in the shoe”?

23 Nov What is your “pebble in the shoe”?

We are getting very close to Xmas and for many of us, down time to relax, reflect and contemplate what will be next year.

So when you are doing this, I want you to consider what has been the content of that internal nagging voice you have been hearing ALL year about something important you need to do something about.

It is a bit like when you are walking or running along and a pebble gets into your shoe or worse still, into your socks. You become aware of it the minute you feel it hit a sensitive part of your feet or toes. It does not have to necessarily hurt you, but it annoys you and you know if you do not do something about it and keep running, it could cause damage or make you bleed.

So you stop where you are going for a short time, remove your shoe (and sock if needed) and clear the rock before you continue on your journey.

This is what I am asking you to do for YOU in this festive season rest time, identify your pebble and clear it! ONLY you know what it is and if you do not do something about it, you will (or already are) be in pain or it will cause damage of some description.

So what are you not stopping to fix that you know you need to?

Problem mindset: I can push through anything and everything, as I am going to succeed

Solution strategy: I need to take care of me and what is most important, if I am to be truly happy and successful

Your pebble could be;

  • Going to the doctor to get that pain in your back checked out
  • Talking to your significant other about the lack of time you have had with them due to your workload and pressures
  • Starting an exercise program as you are starting to notice your clothes feeling tighter, your energy is dropping and you are becoming more and more tired everyday
  • Taking your child/children on a dad and children ONLY weekend to bond and unite as they desperately want to be with YOU and you so want to be with them more
  • Stopping an addiction you have that is starting to have serious effects on your performance

Whatever it is for you, always remember that if you are not taking care of yourself and the most important things in your life, then all your efforts in business are for NOTHING.

  • Do not let a medical issue strike before you act and choose what you need and want …
  • Do not let a marriage split up or child doing something silly for you to WAKE up and see what is important and where you are NOT paying enough attention to

Next week, next month and next year can be whatever you choose them to be. If you do not take the time to clear your “pebble”, next week/month/year could be a very annoying and painful time.

You choose what to do.

You know you have a pebble or two going on right now, so deal with them. Take care of you, so you can take care of your family and your business properly and for a longer period!

Be brave with this and be honest with yourself and take action.

All the best with this!


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