What OUR Businesses And Society Needs The Most

27 Apr What OUR Businesses And Society Needs The Most

What is the No 1 thing lacking today that if generated, will generate more inspiration, happiness and fulfilment?


So often we read about and are inspired by great leaders in the world, whether it is in sport, business, politics or the humanitarian sector.

But how often do we or can we relate to ‘who they are’ back to our own lives and our own business?

Not very often in my experience. The reason I say this is so often I see within business today, people think they are leaders, they carry a leadership title are responsible for their staff/team – but they act like managers.

Our formal education facilities are spitting out more and more managers than ever before, hence they are entering the workforce and permeating their management paradigm deep into the cultures of our business.

Why is this a problem?

Because people in business today, in fact people in society today;

  • do not want to be told what to do
  • do not want to conform, and
  • do not want to be stuck in a box

WE want;

  • to be inspired and be appreciated
  • to innovate and grow
  • to contribute and be acknowledged
  • to be connected

So how do we achieve this?

  1. By discovering what leadership means and looks like in your business
  2. By contemplating how to apply this and then applying it with a very strong commitment
  3. By realising the benefits of living into a leadership paradigm and truly wanting them

Problem Mindset:  To succeed, I must control everything and manage the journey
Solution Strategy: “Leading” will ensure my success and satisfaction as a person, at every level

This is how I explain the difference between leaders and managers;

  • Managers tell, yet leaders ask
  • Managers motivate, yet leaders inspire
  • Managers demand respect, yet leaders have respect given to them
  • Managers control, yet leaders guide
  • Managers need a title to feel authority, yet leaders have no title but have followers

Think about these 5 points and consider in your family life, with your friends and in your business;

  1. Do you ask questions that have people think and consider what is best?
  2. Do you ask more of the people around you, than they expect of themselves?
  3. Do you make a stand for what is right and for the best result of the people, or the profits?
  4. Do you provide a clearly defined vision and structure, and enrol people in it, in the way they need to hear it?
  5. Do you give authority to people around you so they feel important and acknowledged?  2nd Paragraph – Big idea to answer the question.

When you bring more “real” leadership into your life, this is what will happen for you;

  • You will make better choices for your health and what is really important
  • Your relationships with your staff/team and clients will be more genuine and long lasting
  • You will attract new business opportunities as people will want to be around you more
  • You will innovate who you are and what you do, hence feeling more authentic and satisfied
  • You will grow your business and income dramatically

Have a think about what this blog is saying to you? Think about what it means to you and where you are at with life.

What would your life look like if you up’d your leadership by 10-15%?

Try this in your business for the next week – keep a tally of;

  • How many questions you ask?
  • What sort of responses you get?
  • What type of questions you use – open, closed, leading, directed, etc?

I promise you will feel it when you are leading, it feels “good” inside as you know you are making a difference to another life. Managing is suppressing people to conform and this feels bad!

Light YOUR world up this week, experiment and enjoy your journey!


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