Where Do You Keep Your Best Ideas And Thoughts?

05 Aug Where Do You Keep Your Best Ideas And Thoughts?

How do you record your journey and legacy for future generations?

I still remember to this day 2 amazing lessons from the late Jim Rohn, one of, if not the greatest, philosophers of modern times who influenced so many very successful leaders over the past 50 years.

  1. Never, ever, ever, trust your memory.
  2. Go and buy a $100 blank book or journal, so that you go and find at least $100 worth of great information to put into it.


I followed Jim Rohn’s advice to this day and have a record of my past 5 years, year in and year out, with another 7 years in various forms. With all new strategic plan clients I have these days, I gift them with their own leather bound and personally embossed journal for the current year for them to start the process.

The thing that amazes me about this decision and action is when I read back on mine, how it brings me back to where I was, who I was with, what I was doing and how I was thinking.

It reminds me of great ideas I have followed through with and helps me understand where certain actions or decisions were born from. It also highlights to me MANY ideas and actions I have not followed through with that would have made such a difference to my current life if I just followed through.

Problem mindset: I trust my memory and do not need to write anything down
Solution mindset: I will journal all my ideas, learnings and thoughts so that I can follow through with them and have them forever at my disposal!

Think of when you have been to a workshop or conference and all that amazing information you gleaned from it. Where is that information? and what have you done with it?

Still in a drawer or a bookshelf WITHOUT getting the full return on investment from it?

If you are in a place of no time to read a book or attend a conference; OR no money to attend the conference or workshop you want to, then this is the time to go back through your notes (or journals) and experiences to date! BTW, I am not talking about a personal diary where you share your daily Dear Susan moments.

You will be blown away, because there is probably 20-40 things you could learn from and do immediately to help create some new great results for you.

If you have not recorded your ideas, thoughts and learnings in the past, then start today. Your children and their children will treasure these journals one day as they will be a testament to your legacy that they can either emulate or learn from.

They also can be a reminder for you in those harder days or times, the greatness or brilliance you carry inside to inspire you to new decisions and actions.

Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a $100 blank journal TODAY and fill it with your gold.  You will treasure this decision and follow through, for a lifetime. I promise …

To your success


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