Where have you written down what the business is supposed to provide you?

15 Aug Where have you written down what the business is supposed to provide you?

I mean, create a personal succession plan – you got one?

Most articles and references by people in the media or books refer to HR related and Finance related succession plans. Who is going to supersede you as the business owner, when, how will you do it, how will your source them, how will you train them, what it will cost you, your transition plan, etc. These are important questions, but sounds pretty full on and confusing right?

What most business owners truly want to know right now is a lot simpler than these succession plan questions mentioned above!

You need to ask the question – what is the business supposed to deliver to me?

Problem Mindset: What do I want from my business, REALLY?
Solution Strategy: Do a personal succession plan NOW!

What you want to (and need to) know I bet are:

What time you are working – in and out of the business?
What time you are investing in family and relationships?
What time you are investing in your health and fun stuff?
What cash is coming into your life?
What cash is going out your life?
What assets you are building in your life?
What liabilities you are reducing in your life?
What is your personal net worth?
My experience tells me when my clients know the answers to these questions, right now and then decide what they need to be in 5 -10 years, they feel empowered and inspired!

Let’s keep it simple and draw a line in the sand with where you are NOW and where you want to be!
Remember what Alice learnt when she asked the rabbit which path she should take – if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there!

You take a bunch of risk being a business owner, you shoulder a lot of responsibility and you work with great intensity and passion. Hence, all of this effort should bring you the fruits you want and deserve, so DECIDE!!!!

We at Teach it Forward have an awesome Succession Plan System for you to use that includes audio and visual instructions, examples and associated tools to ensure you make it happen for you and your family!!

Email us at lisa@teachitforward.com.au for the Succession Plan system now, it will be the best decision you have made in years.

What is it costing YOU each day that YOU do not send this email and complete your succession plan for you and your family (thousands of dollars a day!!)????????

Have a terrific day and make it worth it, as it is the last today you will ever get!

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