Who do you want your son to be like?

07 Oct Who do you want your son to be like?

footballer? A golfer? A doctor? A lawyer? What is it for you …

I get asked this question a lot when I am speaking on stages and I have 1 simple answer for them – “I want my 2 sons to be themselves and passionate at whatever they do”. If they are going to play sport, do it with passion like there is nothing else in this world. If you are going to sell or be a garbologist, do it with passion, have fun and smile.


Yet if there was a role model out there for them, there is no clearer example of what I would love my sons to be like when I watched the journey of Chris Rene! I do not want my children to have to go through the pain and journey he went through to get to where he is now, but he has come a long way and he just blows my mind. It is such a clear reminder to NEVER judge a book by its cover!


Chris Rene is the true embodiment of gratitude, humility, vulnerability, passion, talent and overall masculinity at its finest. He is now comfortable in his own skin and it is awesome to see a role model in this world via such a young man. Click here to see the very first time Chris Rene hit the world stage.


If you are intrigued or would love to be inspired deep in your heart, I invite you to watch the next 8 songs in his journey and see the effort, the determination, the openness and again the passion with which he embraces life and his challenges. He does not hide from his past, he shares it to teach others and he is not ashamed, he is humbled.


This guy really strikes an emotional chord in my body, so much so that I do not think I have shed as many tears in the past fortnight watching this guy, since my father died. While not the most talented in the group, Chris Rene certainly is a role model you want your daughters and your sons to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also watch this one – wow what a transformation!


Enjoy and feel it …



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