Why 67% of your problems are happening in business right now!!!!

25 Jul Why 67% of your problems are happening in business right now!!!!

You sick of working so hard but feeling you are not getting anywhere fast?

Check out this list of issues in most businesses and count how many are relevant to you …

You work very long hours with little to poor income (especially for the hours and effort you put in)
The productivity of your employees is less than 60% of what it really should be
The standard of work (that your clients experience) through the business is very inconsistent (be honest!)
The turnover of staff is an issue as someone leaves at least every 6-12 months
There is no real training plan for your staff/team, as you are not sure what you need to train them in or you are not sure how or what to use
It takes a long time to hire people into the business, and even then it is not likely they will suit
The work in the business is very sporadic – one minute hot and next minute cold, etc
Decisions are hard to make as you and your business partners can never decide, or if you do, you change your decisions quickly
You and your team get burnt out quite often
If you can say yes to any more than 3 of these points, then keep reading …

Problem Mindset: Poor structure
Solution Strategy: A properly thought out and illustrated org chart will fix it!

Structure governs function! This is true in the human body (just ask your chiro in your next appointment), all throughout the animal kingdom and in every single business (ask your accountant also)!

So with this being the case, the best tool that will help you illustrate your business structure and allow you to re-structure it to allow you the success (and relief ?) you deserve is an ORG chart (ala organisational chart).

I do not mean just some sticks and boxes, I mean a solid structure, sequential thinking and process to extract the relevant information from a high level down; that treats the business as a full feature 3D epic movie that is to be viewed and loved by the world.

Hence an org chart, really should be your starting point. For those of you that do not know what it is:

It is the “WHO TOOL” as it tells everybody very clearly “WHO” is responsible for what
It is an illustration of what your business structure REALLY looks like
It is a communication tool between you and your team, and also between the team members
Look out for the HOW TO on creating your own org chart in Teach it Forward’s core program “The Business Spine Kit” as it provides all the templates, how to’s, examples, etc; that will ensure your business is clear, powerful and easy to drive to success by YOU.

Email us at lisa@teachitforward.com.au if you would like to attend our 1 day workshop on this or our 6 week webinar series on this specific subject.

Be the best you can be and gain more freedom as you go!

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