Business Coaching

We service proactive Accounting firms who believe there’s a better and different way to service their clients. They already are trying new ways sporadically with their favourite or closest clients BECAUSE they believe, yet are struggling with how to do it sustainably and with scale across their clients.


YES, we realise you feel and want to be a UNIQUE accounting firm that is truly RELEVANT to your clients. However, rarely is this enacted with consistent actions and results for you to truly believe it and verify via a third party! However, the firms that are attracted to Teach it Forward, ALREADY BELIEVE they want to work in a better and different way with client, and are pursuing various methods, YET have not found the HOW that is simple, makes sense and is practical to apply – WITHOUT negatively affecting their core business of compliance!!!


Teach it Forward CAN and WILL show you the SIMPLEST and most SUSTAINABLE pathway of HOW to get what you want to achieve with your clients FASTEST and HABITUALLY!


If you fit the above, then book in a call with us for 30 min to understand where you are on your journey now and what the next 5-7 steps you need to take to get you where you REALLY want to take the firm into the future”.



SYSTEMology ©

It has never been a better time to systemise your business


With more communication touchpoints with clients and technological advancements, you have a greater understanding of your clients’ business needs and processes than ever.


And as more people transition to working remotely now, having your business systems in place, and documented in the way you want them, is critical to ensure that your clients are still receiving the high-quality customer service they expect from you.


Our Certified SYSTEMologist will work with your Systems Champion (NOT you the Business Owner), keeping the team accountable to using the systems and ensuring systems are being created and updated where needed.  This is where the business will start to work like a well-oiled machine so you, the Business Owner, can focus on the areas of the business you need to, instead of having to be involved in the day-to-day operations which suck so much time from your days. You can even take that much deserved holiday!


This is why SYSTEMology should be the next area to work on in your business.


Book in a 20 minute complimentary “coffee call” to see if this is the right fit for your business by emailing

Working with Teach it Forward

1. Culture – in the teams/business – 1 of the 3 leverage points for any business owner is people, and clear and happy people always are the most productive!


2. Connection – Improve connection with clients – imagine having you and the team knowing how to speak to your clients in a better and more consistent way so they want to buy from you all the extra services you can provide!


3. Cashflow – reduce your debtors to be a negative figure and get 1 – 1.5 days back of admin time back in your business to help the partners reduce their hours in a day


4. Confidence – in your business model and future – making your business transparent first is paramount, so we ALL can clearly see the holes and then address them with a structured and practical approach to fix them forever


5. Clarity – in your next steps and that of the teams – ensuring the structure you are running through, does what you need it to do, without having to put out fires everyday and stressing about letting clients down.


After 12 years of servicing proactive and passionate accounting firm owners who are sick of running the same old accounting firm, we have the tools, templates and training to transform your firm into one that serves;


• You

• Your team

• Your clients, and

• Most importantly, Your family


Better than it ever has in the past – GUARANTEED!!