Grow Through Your Limits

1 on 1 Coaching Program


People across all undertakings use external support to increase their personal performance levels. For example, the greatest sports people have a coach (in fact, a number of specific coaches), musicians have coaches for various elements, politicians have specific advisors, religious leaders have mentors/advisors etc. Think of Tiger Woods, Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson and this is all true for them – they all have advisors or third party support in some way shape or form!!

Why is this required?

Because people are genetically driven to maximise their potential ONLY to a certain point. This is due to society and the way children are raised by their parents, the way the education systems work, the type of “worker” the government really wants and the friends we have in our circle of influence.

It always requires a third party to take us to the next level because they;


  • Educate finer distinctions of knowledge or skill
  • Give objective feedback on what is and is not happening
  • Provide specific approaches and strategies to improve their performance
  • Hold them to account to ensure what is required to be done is done (and a little bit more)
  • Ensure that their well being is always being taken care of, so they can concentrate on what they do best

Why people DO NOT do it

The main reason is because as human beings we have a thing called an “EGO”, which creates things like pride, ignorance, denial, etc.


No man is an island and there is not one person who has ever existed that has accomplished great things in this world by him/herself! We all need people to support us in some way shape or form to ensure that we get the best results possible for us.


It is only when a third party asks you a question to contemplate a different perspective of the actual events or position, that we realise what is and is not REALLY happening in our business, lives or other activity. The external reason most people use is “I can’t afford it!” For a lot of people in business, they are not fully aware of what their business or team is truly capable of. When you tweak a few strategies or approaches in things like people leadership, structure, business model, sales, marketing or delivery; it is truly amazing as to what the business COULD actually do!


The better statement you need to make if you contemplate what I have discussed already is “I can’t afford to waste any more time or money on NOT doing some form of mentoring or coaching!” We can always get money back but we cannot get TIME back. So you need to be responsible for ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck in every minute of every day when you are a business owner!

Different ways you can achieve this

You will find many people out there offering you a numbers of way to support your business, in fact you probably get approached by a number of them each month or quarter – particularly if you live in a regional town. But here are the 3 main ways people will support your growth and realising your potential as a business owner …


MENTORING – this is where someone of wisdom and experience in similar fields to yours, can help you save time and money by preventing you from making mistakes that they made through advice and questions


COACHING – this is where someone can pull the best out of you through asking you powerful questions to determine the next best actions required AND then providing the accountability of you following through on those.


CONSULTING – this is where someone comes in and does things you require to be done, that you are either not skilled at or do not have the time to do for whatever reason.

Our Recommendations

The interesting thing about the business coaching/mentoring industry is that a lot of coaches find it difficult to retain clients for more than 9 – 15 months. Why is this?


Most coaches/mentors/consultants are;


  • Too scared to address the real issues as they are frightened you will sack them immediately because sometimes the truth hurts
  • Do not have the experience to understand what REALLY is going on for the owner and what they want
  • They want to look like the hero with short term results so they get more referrals or a longer retainer/contract
  • Are not interested in keeping you as a client for a long time as they get bored or don’t really care for your wellbeing as they play the numbers game


THIS WAS ME in my first 3 years of coaching, and that is why I know it. I also have coached coaches and mentors around the world for 5 years and have experienced this in 99% of them.

BUT, getting new clients to start with me became very expensive, time consuming and quite simply, too hard. So I said, right I am going to develop a process based on all my successes and failures PLUS what I have read, heard from other business advice guru’s and learnt from mentors that helps businesses over a sustainable and scalable period.


This is what I have personally developed over the past 4 years and currently rolling out with existing firms through Australia and NZ. Through developing this, I realised that I needed to deliver a combination of all three modes (coaching, training and mentoring) to really propel their business and personal worlds. Hence this is what Teach it Forward provides its clientele;

  • Advice and recommendations based on experience
  • Accountability to encourage and increase your follow through
  • Powerful questions to enable you to take ownership
  • Provision of systems, templates, how to’s and scripts that you can leverage through
  • Training of yourself or your team to speed up the implementation of what you need

Uniqueness of our process

We base our “Grow Through Your Limits” 1 on 1 Coaching Program from the philosophy or paradigm of;




Too often, advisors of whatever sort come into a business thinking they know everything or the best solution. We at Teach it Forward, through 14 years of experience, KNOW that you live the business every day, you understand your particular industry best and you are the ONLY person/s on the globe that know what you REALLY want!

So we do not look to come in and restructure you whole business immediately or give you short term strategies to patch holes that cover up the real issues.


We discover FIRST what you really want and ensure we articulate this in very clear and simplistic form, so you, your team, your clients and us know exactly what the business needs to GIVE YOU.

We then create the specific and PRACTICAL plans, which are documented for many reasons, so we can follow them and review/adjust as we continue on in an everyday business sense.


Hence the holistic phases we will take you through, will not only give you short term confidence and clarity but long term results;


Phase 1:

Complete clarity plan and strategic plan to determine exactly what you want


Phase 2:

Modify the infrastructure behind the scenes to ensure the results you want can ACTUALLY happen and so that you can get the info you need.


Phase 3:

Communicating this to your team for full enrolment and roll out full strategy and innovation


Phase 4:

Resolve the implementation issues congruently to the model you have chosen in phase 1 by implementing systems, communication forums, marketing strategies and delivery techniques

Benefits to you and YOUR business

Things that we will specifically develop and implement are;


  • Your awareness and clarity of what you really want for you, your family and your business
  • Your awareness and BELIEF in different ways you can drive your business to get what you want while providing a VALUABLE service to the community
  • Identify what capacity existing team members and team as a whole have to take on more work, and if there are certain periods when this is greater or smaller
  • Define what the existing marketing strategy is and what it needs to be, e.g. what are you using with clients now – lead generators or brand awareness actions
  • Identify with as much precision or accuracy how YOU are upselling and or cross selling our products NOW by whom; and how often
  • Identify what your true capacity of your team is regarding your workflow, and then increase this by 20-50% to increase your ROA of the business
  • Help you once and for all clarify who, how many and what your clients buy from you in services, to establish a clear plan forward to ensure your clients can and will buy more services you currently offer from you!
  • Identify strategy as to how, when and by whom we will contact each of the clients and up/ cross sell the services that could help them enormously
  • Create very clear test and measure process and review/monitoring process

Investment for your 1 on 1 Coaching Program

The investment for this program with Teach it Forward is: Ranging from AUD$1,600 to $5,500 p/mth (+ GST if in Australia) (depending on your needs)

What you will receive is:


  • Phone sessions (for various periods, depending on your needs and program we establish together);
  • In person sessions (for various periods, depending on your needs and program we establish together);
  • Email support with a 48 hour (business day only) turnaround
  • Access to other mentees who can provide you with leveraged solutions and support (particularly if in the same industry)
  • Access to our library of templates, scripts and how to’s that our clients have co-created to make their firms work more effectively, to save you recreating the wheel
  • Opportunities to receive referrals from us to help fill your client base with the type of clients you want and also opportunities to help educate your client base with you co-presenting or presenting solo
  • Opportunity to have our team teach, train and support a systems champion in your firm to systemise your critical steps of your business!

There are no written or locked in contracts with Teach it Forward, if you are not getting 200% ROI at ANYTIME, you are free to stop the coaching without any penalties to yourself.

To make this a reality for your company now, or to ask any questions you may have to help you make the decision, please email me at or 0413 453 453 and we will come back to you within 48 business hours (Tues-Thurs) to make a plan together.