About Trent

That’s the question you’re trying to find out if you’ve clicked your way to this page, right?

Personally I Am

  • A husband to a beautiful, kind and creative woman who is passionate like no other about home education of our children and is the only person in the world I have met that I have never heard anyone say a bad word about
  • A father to two energetic boys and my little princess daughter, who have a crack at anything, love being outdoors and refuse to wear their shoes outside
  • A son to one inspirational and spiritual mother and brother to a talented and funny little sister who is a mother of 2
  • A co-owner of 2 dogs (Border Collie and Maremma), 2 rabbits, chickens and 40+ head of cattle
  • A sports enthusiast – watching or reading about it EVERY day and play as many as I can – yes with the children and sometimes by myself.
  • A student of “simplicity” with the latest experiment being when we sold EVERYTHING and gave the rest away and went living in a caravan (with all of our worldly possessions – it wasn’t much) as a family of 5 to show our children Australia BEFORE they saw the rest of the world and see what we really need to live and be happy (BEST trip of my life)
  • An Australian with no bias to any state of this amazing country considering I have lived in all of the states except Tasmania.
  • An enthusiastic learner about farming and handyman skills as I am often the butt of jokes by my family for being hopeless, yet I have a go all the time (I must be a sucker for punishment)
  • A lover of country music, R+B and the 80’s and 90’s stuff – yes, very eclectic! I do not rate new music of today – no story, just a lot of noise (am I getting old?)
  • A pescatorian (vegies and seafood) 90% of the time who does NOT drink coffee
  • A movie lover – especially epics and cool children’s movies

Personally I Am

  • A family man first and train all my clients to not contact me after 4:30pm or on a Friday where I have date days with 1 or more of my children each week
  • A global award winning business growth and leadership trainer/coach whose 2 simple rules of success are;
    • Be curious and
    • Be congruent (practice what you preach)
  • Determined
  • A maverick who loves to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and pushes the boundaries of political correctness as I reckon it has gone too far
  • A stand for humanity and do not buy into the man v woman, black v white, right v wrong, gay v straight – who cares, we are all humans on the same planet
  • Tough. (I’m tough on clients because they have given up on themselves at some level and one thing I will not stomach, is low self-belief and self-worth). People too scared to change or explore new ways should not call, email or sign up for anything I print, deliver or discuss.)
  • An Advisor to many businesses because I keep it simple, talk the language of who I am talking to, keep it fun and can see the big picture of why things are happening – quickly

Personally I Have

  • Been a business owner for the last 15 years and in this time had 3 successful businesses and 1 horrific failure
  • Been a crazily diverse employee in 11 industries all across Australia from driving trucks, miner, trade assistant to concreters/boilermakers/fitters/landscape gardeners/bricklayer/builder, fixed wing pilot, barman, gym instructor, etc. (I did this based on the advice of my awesome mentor as a 19 year old)
  • Created the Business Spine coaching methodology which I use myself as it has helped me live a business life where I work no more than 3 days a week, 33 weeks a year and make a minimum of $333k of cash.
  • Coached hundreds of businesses who are frustrated with how much time they put into business while pulling not enough cash out and turned things around so they work less, have more time with their children and triple the cash in their business/life
  • Not had to market myself seriously for 13 years as my referral and word of mouth has provided me with more than enough business opportunities
  • Worked all over the world. 5 of the 7 continents total. (And no. I don’t count, talking to someone on the phone as working all over the world. I mean actually flying somewhere, learning the nuances of business culture, work all over the world.)
  • Won numerous individual and team Business Coaching awards on a national and global level with my proudest one – Best Client Results (Asia Pacific and Global)
  • Trained franchisee’s in 3 franchises to become business people as opposed to just technicians who can just deliver the product they sellStarted a VC company.
  • Advised hundreds of business owners on high performance, leadership and business growth.

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