Who We Are

Teach it Forward  is… a unique Business Development company who work with Accounting firms and their teams in a tailored, collaborative and fun approach. We help Accounting firm owners smash through their self-created glass ceilings and transform their fear into confidence to build their business to the next level.

Our Founder

Trent Taylor founded Teach it Forward back in 2010.  Trent works with and teaches leading Accounting firms how to grow their businesses with a powerful mix of training, coaching and mentoring, producing compelling results.

He has been working with Accounting firms for 14 years with firms choosing to work with him an average of 8 years.

Why do our clients stay so long?  They are getting results far beyond what they expected, personally and financially; and can see with more clarity as to what is possible and HOW to get there with Trent’s guidance.

Our Purpose

We believe there is enormous untapped potential in individuals and firms within the Accounting industry. Uncovering this potential in a step by step, manageable way, enables individuals to feel more fulfilled, companies more profitable and families more connected. And connecting families is at the heart of everything we do.

What We Do

Our team is committed to partnering with positive and professional Accounting business owners who are always striving to be innovative, open, insightful, balanced and honest.  We work closely with those accounting firms who seek to do more in the Business Development space.

50% of our Accounting clients start with our Discovery Day, where Trent gets to see within the business after some comprehensive pre-work done by the partners, to find the BEST 7-12 things that should be focused on to make the firm do what the partners want it to do. Firms who choose this want an objective opinion as to where they are now, where they want to go (high level) and HOW to get there in a simplified way over 1 day in person.

The other 50% of our Accounting clients start with our 3 Day Strategic Planning Retreat, where all partners come together to get aligned and create the direction for the business for the next 5 years, and then working back to 1 year and next 90 days.  If your partners are not aligned and working towards the same common goal, then your business will not grow to where you want it to.

We then see these clients continue to growth with us through their 1on1 Coaching with Trent, whether it be fortnightly, monthly, 1 day or quarterly sessions.  This is where leaders within your team can also be involved and mentored if you so desire.

Whilst Trent works with the partners of our Accounting to grow the business, our very own Certified SYSTEMologist, Lisa, will work with your Systems Champion and your team through the SYSTEMology, ‘Done For You’ Program, to extract and document your critical business systems whilst keeping the team accountable to using these systems and ensuring systems are being created and updated where needed.

Your firm will start to work like a well-oiled machine and the firm owner can step out of the day-to-day operations to focus on the areas of the business they need to.

Our Values

The team at Teach it Forward live by our ‘6 Core Values’ and love sharing these with our community!


Definition: living our dreams with courage


Definition: allowing the brilliance


Definition: sincerely acknowledging life’s gifts


Definition: choosing what is truly important


Definition: being congruent to my true self


Definition: nothing without joy