Case Studies

We believe in the transformational power of our work and getting results that matter to our clients. We also believe they’re the best ones to share that with you.

Collaboration Group

“Before working with Trent our business was going OK but we wanted a spark, we wanted growth, OK wasn’t good enough. Trent is like my business chiropractor, whenever I go off track he brings me back in and aligns me to the path that I want to me on.”

Tim – Director,SAGE Business Group, VIC

“After being in business for 25 years, the business was tired and so were we. After our first initial meeting with Trent we felt he was different to the rest and that has proven to be true. He comes up with some great practical solutions and teaches you how to run your business more efficiently.”

Jeremy – Director, Avance Accountants, QLD

Business Efficiency Assistant Program

“The program has enabled our Administration Leaders to have the courage and confidence to implement
positive change within the Firm and within each other. A worthwhile investment. Makes way for great things and positive growth within our Firm.”

Cath – Executive Assistant

“It is a “no holds barred” approach – everyone is accountable. You don’t benefit unless you participate. It has covered some things that we are already aware of, and introduced some useful new methods to save time in our day and our Directors day.”

April – Senior Admin