Convert with Confidence Program

"Empowering financial professionals to have more powerful conversations"

Convert with Confidence is a program specifically designed for  Accountants to equip them with the skills,
knowledge and tools needed to move into the next generation of Accounting.


Importantly, this training is delivered with a deep, empathetic and considered understanding to the resistance around making phone calls
and holding meetings with clients that require a conversion (Sale).

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What is the Convert with Confidence Program?

Traditionally Accountants and Bookkeepers have worked closely with their clients guiding them through the requirements of compliance when running a business and ensuring they tick all the boxes to remain up to date with the ATO. And our belief is that this is not disappearing anytime soon.


What is changing in Accountant’s and Bookkeepers landscape is what you can charge for compliance work; it’s under more and more price pressure and while this has been relatively slow to occur, many savvy Accountants and Bookkeepers are gearing up for the inevitable. The inevitable being that they need to upskill how they work with their clients and move to offering more of their existing services to existing clients and extra business advisory services (where applicable) for their clients to stay ahead of these changes.


So, what's the resistance?

Transitioning into growing and offering extra existing services and advisory work to your existing client base and new clients is a skill. It is a specialised skill that is not taught at university or while in an accounting or Bookkeeping firm typically yet is critical for the firm of the future.


Having the skill is one thing, and then executing the skill with confidence is another! Without doubt this is a skill that requires training and practice from a professional who understands the accounting business and has years of experience in success with this. You only need to ask an Accountant or Bookkeeper who has ventured into offering advisory work (which requires confident conversion skills) and gets mostly ‘No thank you’ from your business clients, to understand why training & mentoring is required.

Who is this program for?

Accounting firms who are ready to step into offering extra existing services and business advisory to their clients OR


Firms who have started working in this space but know their Accountants (or themselves) are not maximizing their full potential when it comes to booking the meetings, converting their clients to ongoing advisory work or following up effectively.

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Why is Convert with Confidence unique?

Stepping into offering advisory and coaching your clients is not a skill that you learn overnight. Accountants are particularly unique when it comes to their skill set around organizing meetings that require converting clients.


They are traditionally very comfortable as the ‘technician’ doing compliance work that is required by the ATO. Stepping into ‘converting’ within a meeting can be daunting and if they experience rejection only a few times, this is enough to not want to offer it again or worse, think the clients just don’t want to pay for it.


Training and coaching to get tangible results requires a unique, individualized and compassionate approach. Can you name organisations that could do this for you right now in your accounting industry – that you would trust to speak to about this imperative subject?


Teach it Forward has been specializing 100% with accounting firms for 12 years and is now fluent in the language of “accountanese” 😊.


With accounting firm clients who stay with Teach it Forward on average 6.5 years, yet have no contract and can leave any time, we must be doing something right. Our clients have for many years been developing these skills and getting better results every year!

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Benefits of the Convert with Confidence program

1. Increased revenue and profit to your firm, year in and year out going forward (for you and your clients)


2. Increased confidence for each participant of the CWC program with any client meeting going forward


3. Lower dependency on the partner/s of the firm to achieve ALL of the new business targets each year, as this can now be spread


4. Your clients beginning to realise the true value of what you and your firm have to offer them, as an individual and a business


5. Increase average fee per client which not only deepens the relationship you have with them; it also has you not needing to find new clients as much

A large part of the success of sales coaching programs is the accountability to hold meetings consistently throughout the year and coaching to debrief, provide feedback and reassurance when Accountants and Bookkeepers get the inevitable ‘NO’s’. These ‘rough’ weeks halt momentum and people tend to pull back into their comfort zone and stop or stall calls and meetings… for months sometimes; potentially costing thousands of dollars to the firm. This is not always conscious or deliberate avoidance.


The program is flexible enough to personalise depending on what skill set already exists and what they currently have in place already (or not). The first 3 months will lay a strong foundation for the following 9 months of coaching. The sessions will be built around a detailed sales and marketing plan and accountability to the meetings they will hold in the fortnightly sessions.

What you will learn and takeaway from the
Convert with Confidence program


STAGE ONE– Building a strong Foundation
(3 months, 6 sessions)

Outcome of this stage is to build confidence, get runs on the board and feel empowered around converting

1. Alignment – Identify goals and KPI setting, know your value/uniqueness, Stages of learning


2. Build a client list – Identify what you’re offering, build and practice scripts, build the conversion process


3. How to position yourself – Understand how our subconscious can sabotage our results, overcome the fear of converting, know your offer


4. Preparing before, during and after the meeting – How to prepare for a meeting, meeting outline (scripted), post meeting critical steps


5. Handling Objections – Handling objections techniques, scripts/responses to objections positioning – you have what they need


6. How to close a meeting when and how to close a meeting, asking for what you want, what to say when you get stuck in conversation

STAGE TWO – Stacking the odds in your favour
ensuring success long term
(3 months, 6 sessions)

After a strong foundation has been laid over three months and confidence is high with conversions being made, we step into the remaining sessions taking into consideration the Accountants/Bookkeepers current skill set.

1. Converting and marketing plan build a sales and marketing plan personalised to what YOU want to be held account to


2. Habits identify the habits that will help you succeed in having more powerful conversations with your clients


3. Calendar management find more time in your weeks by structing your calendar to work for you and accountability to stick with it


4. Stacking the odds identify the routines that you do now that aren’t serving you and replace them with ones that will build the momentum for your meetings and conversions


5. Uncovering your WHY when things get tough meetings aren’t booked and powerful conversations are difficult. Unearthing your WHY in each area of your life keeps the momentum
going when the going can sometimes get tough


6. Your ideal client setting your RAS (reticular activating system) on who is your ideal client can be powerful and self-fulfilling prophecy.

STAGE THREE – Technician to Influencer

1. Lead or be left behind Here we uncover how to develop self-leadership, firm leadership and industry leadership


2. CRM recording vital client data building your client list in one place (ideally a CRM) with vital ‘critical non-essential’ information


3. Referral Strategy how to ask for a referral and have a firm ‘referral strategy’ EVERYONE knows about and is using


4. Social Media, Linkedin, blogs, vlogs & newsletters building your profile and your firms’ profile by sharing your expertise. Personalising your communication


5. Build your message building your messaging so it lands for your clients and they are EXCITED and take action on your advice


6. In house workshops how to host powerful monthly or quarterly catch ups with your client and keep them coming back for more

STAGE FOUR – Be the expert and share your message

1. Video Skills sharing your message, IP and personal brand in an authentic and engaging way


2. Workshop/presentation skills foundational skills on how to hold an audience, build your message and overcome nerves


3. Networking Skills learn skills to attend networking events to build relationships naturally and authentically


4. Strategic Alliances building strategic alliances or J.V’s is a skill and one that can be lucrative. Here we uncover how to build a win/win relationship that works.


5. Building collateral here we outline how to write powerful collateral to follow up on your advisory meetings (if required)


6. Coaching skills asking powerful questions takes confidence and by this stage of the program there will be a high level of confidence; we work on basic coaching skills to lead meetings in the direction you want it to go. Far more ownership is taken when you answer a question rather than be told a solution (something most Accountants do as they are trained to do this)

Your commitment to this program

  • 1 on 1 coaching for one hour each fortnight for one

    year (26 sessions) via phone or Zoom


  • Homework completed and emailed 24 hours prior

    to session


  • 100% commitment to achieving set goals

Our commitment to you

  • Role plays to build confidence


  • Build and use your OWN sales plan that can be replicated year on year post the program


  • Led by a 30-year accomplished sales leader with 10+ years of training others.


  • Ensure you or your team member achieves a minimum of $100,000 in extra revenue sustainably

Your investment

AUD$1,800 + GST per person per month for 12 months OR

AUD$17,000 + GST upfront

OUR guarantee to YOU

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If you don’t get at least double the cost of the program back after
following the steps, we will refund your money 100% into your bank
account within 48 hours of your feedback

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Next steps

Book a time in with Sharon on to determine if this opportunity is right for you, have your questions answered and ensure the investment is suitable for your current position.