Effective Outsourcing Program

Effective Outsourcing (EO) was created to help accountants to Remotely Resource their firms PROFITABLY, without the hassles or challenges that firms typically face.


For most firms who undertake resourcing without this program, they experience 15-24 months of frustration, overwhelm and a low ROI, with a strategy they put in place to alleviate these feelings!


This program equips the Firm with the understanding of how to do outsourcing really effectively AND efficiently that includes the PROVEN PROCESSES, TEMPLATES and TOOLS you need to best onboard new Remote and Local team members.


More importantly, EO provides the Firm with 1 on 1 support to help you make the tools your own (and not some off the shelf fluff) along with measured guidance, to give you confidence and visibility while you Implement right, the first time!

What is the Effective Outsourcing Program?

Many firms approach Outsourcing with ‘let’s have a crack’ or to ‘put a toe in the water’ so to speak. Well, this is their first mistake. This means they neither put the necessary effort into their Local nor remote teams to set them up for success. The result is, poor quality and low profit or losses on the Outsourced jobs. They blame the Outsourcer and then go back to what they’ve always done, which, unfortunately means they have to work with their current issues
relating to poor turnaround, reducing profits.


Effective Outsourcing helps you to avoid the 5 challenges that will sink any Outsourcing journey. Challenges such as:

  • Short term solution paradigm (‘Put a toe in the water’)


  • Poor or inadequate data when processing the job


  • Ad hoc or unscheduled compliance workflow


  • Lack of communication between the critical stakeholders of this outsourcing strategy


  • Ineffective or misaligned technology stack

We provide you with the necessary tools and templates (13), as well as walk you through how to implement them so that you can build a profitable and long-term relationship with your remote team. The tools and templates are designed to create consistency across your firm and remote teams.

Consistency = Quality = Increased profitability.


Bonus, freeing up time to explore new revenue generation opportunities

Who is this program for?

  • Accounting firms struggling to keep or on-board new team members


  • Accounting firms that for various reasons have tried Outsourcing and failed OR


  • Accounting firms who are ready to step into offering extra existing services and business advisory to their clients, but just do not have the time.


  • Accounting firms who have heard about the challenges other firms have had over the years and do NOT want to make the same mistakes, but are committed to get it right the FIRST time


  • Accounting firms who are seriously committed to getting their internal time back from core compliance work and redirect it to more valuable and profitable work with their client base

Ed Hayes and James Madden With Madden Partners video Testimonial

What is unique about Effective Outsourcing?

Outsourcers promise quality, turnaround and price.


Yet none of them can guarantee that you will consistently have all 3.


They also are focussed on getting returns for their shareholders and not on how YOU can get the best from their team.


We’ve created Effective Outsourcing to support you to build your unique systems and processes so that your local and remote teams perform at their best. Also, it works for all Outsourcing models.


We can also engage your Outsourcer so that they follow your newly created systems and processes.


All of this via our 3 Stages of Effective Outsourcing.

1. Implementation Stage – Development of Processes, Systems and Templates


2. Integration Stage – Integration of Processes, Systems and Templates into the local Operations team.


3. Consolidation Stage – Enrolling your Outsourcing Partner in your Resourcing Manual, setting accountability measures and Inducting your Remote Team.


There is no other curriculum in existence to teach Accounting Firms to Outsource effectively with Confidence.



Teach it Forward has been specializing 100% with accounting firms for 13 years and is fluent in the language of “accountanese” 😊.


With accounting firm clients who stay with Teach it Forward on average 6.5 years, yet have no contract and can leave any time, we must be doing something right.

Benefits of the Effective Outsourcing program

  • Consistency in Output across the Firm


  • Improved quality of jobs


  • Increased profitability


  • Quicker ‘buy in’ of Local team members in Outsourcing


  • Structured annual workflow for your VAST compliance


  • More time to upskill Local team members in new revenue
    generation opportunities


  • Better outcomes for your clients

What you will learn and takeaway from the
Effective Outsourcing program

(4 sessions of 1.5 hr duration, over 8 weeks)
Investment – $4,000 + GST

Outcome of this stage is to build confidence, get runs on the board and feel empowered around converting


The sharing and development of our 13 templates you will need to glean the benefits of outsourcing your work.


This is where we introduce each template and process so that you understand it and how it will benefit you AND then you make the tweaks and changes to reflect the unique ways you want things done in YOUR firm.

(4 sessions of 1.5 hr duration, over 8 weeks)
Investment – $4,000 + GST

After a strong foundation has been laid over three months and confidence is high with conversions being made, we step into the remaining sessions taking into consideration the Accountants/Bookkeepers current skill set.

Fine tuning the implementation deeper into your team and beginning the training of your outsourced team to utilise the specific templates required of them. This is where we really hone in on connecting your internal and external team to speak as one and work as one!

(4 sessions of 1 hr duration, over 8 weeks)
Investment – $4,000 + GST

Enrolling your Outsourcing Partner in your Resourcing Manual, setting accountability measures and Inducting your Remote Team.


OR, if you choose to take all 3 stages up at 1 time, we will invoice you $10k +GST upfront, for you to save $2k or just under 20%.

Our guarantee to you

pngwave (1)

If you don’t get at least double the cost of the program back after
following the steps, we will refund your money 100% into your bank
account within 48 hours of your feedback.

Next steps

Book a time in with Ed on ed@teachitforwardnz.co.nz to determine if this opportunity is right for you, have your questions answered and ensure the investment is suitable for your current position.