1 on 1 Program

You should attend ONLY IF you have 1 or more of the below issues:

  • You don’t have a clear practical strategy to achieve your budget GROWTH year on year

  • You genuinely guess in your next year’s budget between the split of compliance, new work, one off’s?

  • You are too busy to work out a different or better way to grow your fees WITHOUT buying more or wasting heaps of cash on fluffy marketing

  • Even if you had the time to figure out a new way, you’re not sure of ‘the how’

What you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your fee base year on year by 10-15% – not the theory,  but all the tools included

  • Secure next financial years growth BEFORE June 30th

  • Increase client connection and retention

What you will leave with after the program:

  • The full flow chart system of how to execute this along with the main templates and scripts within it – that you will BEGIN to tailor to your firm’s idiosyncrasies

  • 2-3 of your team members ALL aligned and aware of why to do it, but more importantly HOW to do it A calendarized action plan in YOUR calendars, so the workshop is not a “kumbaya” session, but an experiential and practical training workshop

  • More confidence and excitement about gaining real growth year on year

  • A specific and clear opportunity to have you fast track it 100% faster

Learn how to do all of this by changing just ONE thing you’re already doing with your clients.”

Trent will provide a specific example of what he is doing with his Accounting clients RIGHT NOW, who are getting these (and much higher) results.

  • For best ROI of the sesssion, you would be wise to bring 1 partner, Operations Leader and Head of Admin present


  • Must have available client list and laptop/s to work on throughout the sesssions


  • This program comes with a 100% money back guarantee (in your bank account within 48 hours of the workshop to allow for bank lag) if you feel it was not effective or constructive for your firm, and you feel you did not get at least 200% ROI.


4x 1.5 hours pre-recorded online sessions = $1,495 + GST


Lock it in TODAY and get a 4th session included at no additional investment

OUR guarantee to YOU

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If you don’t get at least double the cost of the program back after following the steps,

we will refund your money 100% into your bank account within 48 hours of your feedback

Next steps

Email us at for enquiries or if you’d like to schedule a 30 min call with Trent to discuss this further