Our Partners

The partners we choose to work with are very aligned with our core purpose, values and brand promise. They are experts in their fields within the Accounting Industry, are congruent to what we stand for and we all share a common vision as to where the Accounting industry needs to go.

The Gap enables accountants and bookkeepers to fulfil their true purpose; helping clients achieve their business and personal goals. The Gap provide firms with end to end systemised Business Development products that they can leverage across a wide cross section of their clients, along with the training and mindset resources they need to reinvent their role.

We have chosen to partner with The Gap because Mark, as the Founder, was a critical and awesome client of ours and the content we are familiar with and we believe in it.

More importantly their core purpose, values and brand promise of this company align with ours like lock and key. We share a common vision and these guys are congruent to what we stand for.

The products and services they offer are aligned with where we see the accounting industry needs to go.

Website: https://www.thegapportal.com/

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