Is SYSTEMology for YOU?


If you and your business are:


  • Time poor because too many hours in a week you’re putting out fires

  • Knowing the value of systems, yet your systems don’t seem to talk (not organised)

  • Having Admin team doing your systems and you feel they could do it to a better quality

  • Seeing patterns of mistakes in the business that frustrate you

  • Seeing opportunities for your business to be more efficient and effective in how you roll out your core services to your clients

  • Making less profit than you actually think it should be

  • Wanting to have more time off AND knowing things will be done just the way you want it done while away


If it’s a yes to 2 or more of these things… then keep reading!


One common principle that all successful businesses know and apply is;

CEO & Founder of SYSTEMology, Dave Jenyns
talks about how to systemise your business
using the SYSTEMology model.

Systems run a business and people run systems!
Too often in the real world we are business owners and key leaders in the business get caught up in the doing the “do” with our clients. Rarely do we make the time to capture the gold of how we do what we do, when it should be done, how it should be done, consistently!
The only way that a business owner can get their time back in a week is by either having technology or people doing what they do. What we need to realise and understand is that technology is only ever as good as the information we put into it.
“Poor information in – Poor information out”.
So, this is the same for technology and people.
The largest expense of professional service companies e.g. Accounting Firms, is payroll, it’s people. The business owners hire the people in order to scale and leverage for them, yet how much time and effort has been put into giving them or putting in great information, to those people?
Your business probably has some really good information captured in different word documents, or excel spreadsheets or different apps, yet if it was tied together in a more structured and cleaner way, ask yourself this question;

Could your highest expense (team) be using the great information in your head and whatever is in your server better?

What options do you have to achieve this?

So, what are your options?
Option 1 – Keep doing long hours and hoping that things are going to change by themselves
Option 2 – Go and google how to do systems properly, train yourself, watch a hole bunch of videos, buy a few books and then try and communicate that with your team and get them to do it (time consuming and expensive)
Option 3 – Introduce a cost effective external party to do it FOR you or teach your Admin champions how to do it!
If option 1 or 2 is best for you then stop reading and close this page down.
If option 3 sounds the best choice for you, then keep reading!

Here is what Option 3 looks like…

The SYSTEMology Process


7-Steps To Systemising Business

The SYSTEMology® process is the most effective way for you to take an owner-centric-zeo-systems business to one which operates like a well-oiled machine.

Within as little as 3 months, SYSTEMology® can document the mission critical systems within your business. This immediately improves your team’s efficiency, increases the value of your business and frees the business owner from the day-to-day operations.

Here at Teach it Forward we have teamed up with SYSTEMology®, because like them, we recognise systems are the missing piece to grow small and medium-sized businesses to the next level.


Having systems in place gives you, the business owner, time to work on other projects, growing your business or simply stepping away and letting your team do what they are amazing at!


The biggest excuse for any business owners there has been no quick, easy and fun solution to capture and optimise business processes and procedures.


But there is now, thanks to SYSTEMology® and the team at Teach it Forward who are certified SYSTEMologists™ that can help you every step of the way. Your two options with us, we can do it for you or with you, keeping reading to understand the difference.

Hire Our Certified SYSTEMologist™ and jump on board the ‘Done For You’ Program

Get started immediately and work with Lisa through the ‘Done For You’ Program. This is an easy process and naturally efficient because Lisa’s sole objective is to document your mission critical systems, all within the initial 3 month engagement.


Best of all this process is designed to work without the business owner being involved.

This requires a minimum 3-month commitment, initial consultation with the business owner/s and then Lisa will work with your Systems Champion for 1 – 1 ½ hours per week to extract then document your systems.

SYSTEMology client – Taking Care Mobile Massage

This program is ideal for businesses that want a certified expert to guide the SYSTEMology® process over the next 90 days.

Project Timeline


Identify and outline the critical systems within your business.



Identify the departments, department heads, and assign



Team training – how to best prepare and capture systems.



Process extraction interviews and documentation.



Team training: systemHUB™, integration strategies, identify and outline critical systems for scaling.

Please note: While this is a typical application of SYSTEMology®, clients may move faster or slower depending on what’s required.

What you’ll receive as part of the DFY program:


  • 60-90 minute strategy session to identify your Critical Client Flow™

  • Flow chart, prioritisation, responsibilities, and action plan

  • 7 x 60-90 minute process extraction interview sessions devoted to capturing your systems

  • 10-15 Captured processes are converted into documented work instructions

  • Your team is trained on how to use, measure and improve your processes

  • Complimentary systemHUB account for 3 months (for up to 40 team members)

  • Complimentary copy of the SYSTEMology® Book.

Why Systems Haven’t worked!

Because you, the business owner, you’re the bottleneck. You are busy enough! You DON’T have to do everything.
This is exactly why Teach it Forward have jumped on board to bring you SYSTEMology®
By utilising our training, group coaching program, or done for you service, you can have your core business systems documented (what we call the Critical Client Flow) in as little as 90 days.

We guarantee this will revolutionise the way you do business.

Meet our SYSTEMologist™…

Lisa has been the Business Manager for Teach it Forward since 2010. She has over 20 years experience in various administration areas including office and team management, customer service, event management, bookkeeping and personal assistance.


Lisa’s key focus is to ensure that all logistical and administrative support is provided to the Teach it Forward team, whilst ensuring our clients receive the same high standard and consistent experience each and every time we interact with them. This is all possible due to the vast number of systems she has written and rolled out within the business over the last 6 years.


As well as her Business Manager role, Lisa is now a certified SYSTEMologist™. Helping accounting firms to systemise their business in an easy and simple way through the ‘Done For You’ Program, which as the title suggests, all the hard work is taken out in documenting your firms systems as Lisa will do all the heavy lifting FOR you.

Got some questions?

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